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Small Team and Group Paper

  • Submitted by: MsRocky619
  • on August 20, 2014
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Small Team and Group Paper
Racquel D. Yarborough
Dennis Golden

Small Team and Group Paper
I was working with a team of individuals as a part of the Royal Court in the Kuumba Fest that happens every year here in San Diego at the Lyceum Theatre attached to Horton Plaza downtown. The team consisted of a plethora of individuals that I had not worked with before and we ranged in a lot of different age groups. There were about 20 people total that I worked with including the behind the scenes individuals, the director, the seamstress and the writer. The purpose of the group was to display the look of a traditional African Royal Court which also consisted of people doing monologues of famous Africans from long ago; we were dressed in the traditional cloths and draped beautifully with head wraps and jewelry. We presented to a packed house of people there to learn more about their African roots and others just to learn about something new that they had not experienced before.

In the beginning it was all so new because a lot of us had never met one another before so there is that general consensus of feeling a little on guard, nervous and maybe even shy. The process of this team lasted for a few weeks before the actual show so we definitely transcended through plenty of different stages. We had meetings where we were introduced to one another and that began to break the ice, during rehearsals things began to lighten up as we pretty much had no choice but to be open with one another because we worked in such close proximity. Eventually we all connected through our own human vices which really started with humor someone doing something funny or flubbing a line we would all laugh which lightened things up. Then we began to share a variety of things tips, food and the best thing two strangers can share and that is stories about ourselves, our experiences, where we came from and where we wanted to go in life. There were both men and woman included so...

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