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SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 SCIENCE DAILY SMALL POX The Truth Behind Small Pox This disease has been a part of history ever since the beginning of civilization. For at least 10,000 years, humanity had suffered from the scourge of smallpox. The virus killed nearly a third of all its victims in the first two weeks upon infection. This deadly parasites spread through the air, infecting all age groups, ethnicities and genders. The virus attacked the skin cells, spleen, Bone marrow & Lymph nodes of the human body. The main symptoms were Nausea, Fever, & Red spots all over the body. Those whom it did not kill, were left with many permanent scabs and scars all over the body. This was an deadly infectious Virus. Edward Jenner The father of immunology The First epidemic occurred in 1350 B.C. Ancient Egypt, during the Hittite War; Egyptian prisoners spread the disease to the hittites, subsequently their king died and their Civilization perished. Small pox spread around the world via the Egyptian merchants, Crusaders and The spanish and Portuguese conquests. Since then it has killed billions of people, with a whopping 3000-500 million deaths in the 20th century alone. !1 SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 The fight against small pox began in 1033 A.D. When a Buddhist monk in Southern China noticed that those whom got the disease didn't get it again, and so produced the concept that if humans were treated with a small dose of the virus, then they wouldn't become infected with it once more. She began by grinding up small pox scabs and blowing them throw a tube into the patients nasal cavity, this practice is know as variolation. Here we can see how science was applied in the past, the monk analyzed the situation and provided a viable method to solving it. Science is evolving constantly around us, and for us to truly gain a better understanding of

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