Small Group Theory Paper

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The group discusses twice a week for about an hour in a New York City college class room. They have superficial discussions about things such as the weekend and new things they experience. Jacob brought up a topic, OCD, and how it differs depending on the individual. Kimberly mentioned she has ODC and does not like anything to be placed on floors. She mentions they (the objects) “just don’t belong there” and continues to speak about how aggravated she gets when she sees people in the street throwing trash on the floor. Alex asks why she would get mad if there are people who clean up after people who litter. Kimberly explains that the amount of work street cleaners already do when picking up the trash and cleaning the curbs during alternate street parking takes up majority of the time these workers have. She also explains how different city life would be in the city if the city did not hire workers to clean the curbs and handle our trash. Eric mentions that the only thing he is being conscious about is the Ebola, a new epidemic that has been a scare for everyone in NYC. Today, the media mentioned that a medical doctor had just come back from African to help patients with Ebola and caught Ebola himself. Not only did he have the disease but he also flew back to New York where he then discovered that he had it. Once Eric told everyone what he knew about what he had seen in the media there was a silence. Kimberly told everyone they need to wash their hands before they step into the room. Lily, who never seems to say a word in the other meetings, told Kimberly she already washes her hands everywhere she goes and said, “a new diseases should not change how consistently a person should be washing their hands.” There was another pause within the group until Kimberly complained to the group how some of the members do not seem consistent when it comes to cooperating within the

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