Small Campus vs Big Campus

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Michael 1 Joseph Michael Dr. Sturgeon Engl. 08-101 October 4, 2012 Big Campuses vs. Small Campuses Meet Ben and Bryan, they are twins. They lived their whole lives together until four years ago. In August of 2008 they embarked on separate college experiences. Ben headed north to Morgantown, West Virginia to study at West Virginia University while Bryan chose to go to West Virginia State University. Two and a half hours north or Charleston, Ben arrives in Morgantown surrounded by a large campus and a student body of 29,000. With such a large number of students the university has three different campuses. The Main campus, The Evansdale campus and the medical campus. Each campus has multiple dormitories for incoming freshman. They also have a lot of off campus housing for upperclassmen. As freshman move in weekend comes to a close the first day of class begins. Ben walks into his first college class, an auditorium style classroom filled with over 200 students. He takes a seat, and realizes this isn’t high school anymore. In Charleston, Bryan is also living on campus; however, the student body is only made up of a mere 3,000. At West Virginia State University there is one campus for all of the students. There are a few dormitories that the students usually live in for all four years. Also in this more community based university; there are a lot of commuting students. After Bryan gets settled in, he makes his way to his first class. Once he reaches his classroom, he walks in to find only about 20-25 students in his class. Bryan thinks to himself, this is kind of like high school all over again. Michael 2 After class, Bryan began to explore campus. He walks around to find only a few students walking around and some just relaxing on the benches. He keeps walking to find the library along with the cafeteria and workout room. As he looks into campus a little

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