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Small Business Owner Interview Essay

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Small Business Owner Interview
This week in class we were given the assignment to interview a local business owner.   The person I chose to interview operates her business out of her own home.   Kathryn High is the person I chose to interview about her business.   The business Kathryn owns is a jewelry making business.   Kathryn is a fairly new business owner, but is not new to the business world.   Kathryn got her business background from her parents.   Her parents owned their own RV Park in New Mexico.   Kathryn was able to build on the skills that she gained from working with her parents to build her own business.  
Kathryn faced several challenges when she began her own business, in fact as of this day she is still trying to get her feet under her and grow her business.   One of the challenges that Kathryn was faced with was the start-up costs. Start-up costs for any business can be difficult to overcome.   Kathryn was able to come to an agreement with her parents and they invested in the business.   The next challenge Kathryn had to overcome was time.   With her children and work she did not have the time to devote to jewelry making, so she quit her job to devote to the jewelry making full-time.  
Since Kathryn is a new business owner she does not have any employees working for her so she must face all the business challenges herself.   One of the challenges she has had to overcome is completing all the orders on time by herself.   By outsourcing some of her work to her neighbor, she has been able to overcome this challenge.   Before starting her own business Kathryn thought about all the challenges that she may face.   Kathryn did plan for several years before opening her own business.   She thought about space, money, advertising, and much more.   Her planning has saved her a great deal of difficulty and may help her to keep her business afloat for several years.
Interviewed: Kathryn High, 281-515-2920, k8tiehigh@rocketmail.com


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