Slumdog Millionaire Essay

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The case study briefly discusses the successes of criticisms of the motion picture, “Slumdog Millionaire”. “Slumdog Millionaire” was a 2008 film done by British director, Danny Boyle. The film depicts the life of a child who grew up in the slums of Mumbai in India. The youth appears on a television game show, and throughout the duration of the game show, he reflects on the different experiences he’s had growing up. These various experiences ultimately aid him in winning the game. The movie was very successful and was nominated for ten Academy Awards in 2009; it won eight. This success was quite an accomplishment considering the relatively small budget the project was made on. The study points out that the film, however, was not a success in the eyes of all. Those who are native to the area depicted in the film did not all share in the enthusiasm. One reason they held for not upholding the film as an Indian success was that the director and lead actor were both British. Some also felt that the film did not adequately represent this area in Mumbai. Others were not happy with the name “slumdog”, stating that it was derogatory. Despite the mixed responses, the film succeeded in drawing the attention of many. Bollywood has become the popular term used to refer to the Hindi-speaking film industry based out of India. Contrary to popular belief, the term does refer to the entire film industry in India. More specifically, it is identifying a certain region of the country and is based more on the language. Bollywood films are usually musicals and incorporate a lot of exciting music and dance. The success of these films is normally determined by how well the musical numbers are done. In many cases, the music for a film will be released prior to the film to increase attention. The Bollywood films are often a mixture of romance, action, and comedy. They strive to be very

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