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Slumdog Millionaire is one of the most celebrated films in recent times. This independent, low-budget film that swept the Oscars is a rags-to-riches story of a boy who with a little help of destiny overcomes his beginnings of back when he used to live in the slums to now being a nouveau riche and is reunited with his love, more than he could ever hope. The film seems like an authentic representation of the lives of Indiaʼs urban poor so therefore, the scenarios of Slumdog were inspired by a sad reality present in India where corruption is rampant and beggar-makers collect orphans and mutilate them so they become more sympathetic. This film is full of contrasts such as those between the rich and poor, the wild and the sentimental, the light and the darkness and the good and the bad, that in the long run help you realize how serious the problems in this place are. " The movie begins with a shocking scene of Jamal in prison being tortured by men that wanted to find out how he knew all the answers to the questions he was asked in a local gameshow where he had won a substacial amount already, either if it was by cheating (because they suspected someone had been telling him the answers), just pure luck or destiny had this experience in store for him. The movie then flashes back to earlier questions in the gameshow and this flashback ends shortly after Jamal has won 20 million Rupees. " The story timeline begins depicting how two Muslim childrenʼs, Jamal and Salim, hard lives were and all the hardships they had to go through in order to survive. We see how they became orphans when they were small after a mob attack on Muslims and how they had to survive alone in the Mumbai slums a life full of poverty and endure humiliation, degradation and discrimination. " However, even though both of the children went through the same experiences in life, each one took a different path in life.

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