Slumdog Millionaire Essay

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Slumdog millionaire | Assignment | | | Part 1): a) In your view, how does the film exemplify what Manfred Steger describes as the process of “cultural homogenization” brought on by globalization? The Movie is promoted in English Language in order to launch in the world and covering the world market, as one market now movies are no more limited to their regional boundaries. Movie’s first premiere was done on world premiere Telluride Film Festival. This represents the cultural homogenization brought by globalization. New generation is following new language pattern to communicate and their native language is losing its originality and ethnicity. The first most things in this movie is “THE SHOW” itself reflect Globalization as this show was started in America. In this movie this show is in India named as” WHO WANTS TO BE MILLIONIARRE” following Americanisation. This movie shows how even an illiterate person can learn other language which is globally accepted. A person who is working as labour can become a millionaire by just answering some questions at global level. b) How does it exemplify what he describes as “cultural hybridization”? It is shown in this movie that how different culture people are mixing together. Here Jamal is a muslim boy and Latika is Hindu girl and they both love each other and want to spend life together. This is example of cultural hybridization. Even there are lots of examples of intercaste marriages in these days in western and eastern cultures which are a type of culture hybridization. c) Do you think cultural globalization is presented in a positive or negative light in the film, or both? As per my view cultural globalization is both positive and negative light in the film. In Positive way for Developing country like India, globalization brings more source of income like outsourcing, employment, foreign
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