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SLTC 2014 The Student Life Training camp in Greece gives four students from each SABIS school across the globe an opportunity of a lifetime. The camp took place in Athens, Greece, the heart of the Greek world. Three students from ISCAD were selected to attend the camp: Antoine Tomeh, Zuhayr Kazi and Ahd Osman. These students had the time of their lives. All together there were a hundred and twenty-three people at the camp, including the SLC’s. The camp is run by the head of all SLOs across the world Roger Soweid, the man changed our lives. On arrival day, we were greeted by Mr. Roger and we checked into our hotel rooms and met our roommates. After we settled down, we all gathered in the conference room. In that period of time Mr. Roger introduced us to the other campers and SLC’s. Everything being awkward people still managed to make new friends on the first day. The day went by quickly and everyone was exhausted so we retired for the night and could not wait for the days to come. At the break of dawn we got out of bed freshened up and quickly went to the dining room for breakfast. After breakfast everyone gathered in the conference room for the first meeting. The first thing we had to do was an ice breaker challenge. The whole point of the activity was to get to know each other a bit more. Once the meeting was over, we had some free time to do whatever we wanted. An hour had passed and we got on a bus to take a tour of the city. Athens is city with many old building that look like they have been standing for thousands of years. Once the tour ended we stopped at the parliament and watched the changing of the guards and fed the pigeons. Then we walked to TGIF, ate dinner and walked back to the hotel. That was the end of day two. The morning of day three came quickly. Once everyone had finished breakfast the presentation began. The presentation was called the

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