Slim And Carlson In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Steinbeck presents and develops Slim and Carlson, two minor characters in various ways. The two characters I shall be exploring are Slim and Carlson. These two characters can be seen as 2 opposites but yet they seem to be together most of the time. However Steinbeck description of Carlson and Slim are very different for instance Slim gets a very detailed image but Carlson gets a short brief description. The first time we hear about slim is when candy says ‘’Hell of a nice fella’’. This shows that straight away the other workers have respectful views for Slim so straight away it shows the reader that the others respect him and treat him like royalty. Also candy says ‘’ Slim don’t need to wear no high heeled boots’’ it conveys that Slim does…show more content…
This portrays that he is confident around women and is not scared of curly even though he is the boss’s son. Curly’s wife does not mind as she craves for the attention of the other men as she doesn’t receive it from her own husband. Another good quality slim posses is the understanding of friendship, When George tells Slim that him and Lennie travel together, Slim seems abit shocked , “Maybe everybody in the whole damned world is scared of each other’’ This conveys that there is a problem in society in those days and people find it hard to travel together due to a lack of trust so that’s why ‘’scared of each other’’ is said. Slim possess the knowledge of knowing what is wrong with society and understands it so that’s why he doesn’t find George and Lennie travelling together a bad thing. That could have been one of his roles In the novel to critise society because people are only known to travel together or don’t have anyone to travel with. Carlson is one of the most common people of the day as he keeps him self to him self and lacks a knowledge of companionship, friendship and love towards others. Carlson seems to be nothing more than meets the eye as we find out how insensitive he is towards others we find this out when he kills candy’s dog. All he seems to do was critise the dog ‘’stinks like hell, damn near blind’’ the words he says seem to be
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