slessor deconstruction Essay

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Kenneth Slessor persuades the reader to view various abstract standpoints on time and its impact on the indiviual through highly developed linguistic techniques. In poems such as beach burial and out of time, Slessor combines a vast array of techniques such as, juxtaposition and word structure that impact on the reader to shape their understanding of time. His manipulation and dislocation of the concept time through out both poems means that the reader can have a personal connection through the many avenues in which it can be interpreted. Time is said to be an unforgiving force that over powers all others. In Stanza three of out of time the metaphor of the suck of the sea replaced time’s unstoppable force to show the brutal cold sucking force which can pull you into the darkness of the sea “death”. Which is juxtaposed to the lines in stanza two which read He must open doors, or close them, which conveys almost a sense of control however for the word “must”. That word shows how even though he may have control over making a decision, time is forcing him to make that decision, much like the suck of the sea he is caught up in having a sense of control in the middle of chaos. This simple juxtaposed situations contrast together to show how the human condition is ignorant to think we have control in a situation of unstoppable forces. When looking at this through a modernist perspective the argument can be backed as the realization of the ignorance can be seen as the disillusionment in which the modernist perspective is built off. When looking at time in an abstract context it can be said that memory even though created by time, can over power time’s unstoppable forces. At the beginning of the fourth stanza of Beach burial the words “Unknown Seamen” written in ghostly pencil serve as a reminder for those who have no names but are remembered through a

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