sleepy hollow Essay

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Sleepy Hollow is an allegory that helps the audience understands how the characters and their ideas contribute to the elements of human perception. During story, person after person is murdered by an unknown creature that lives in the mysterious west woods. After several attempts of trying to discover who is responsible for mystery of the headless horseman, Constable Ichabod Crane, a scientist from New York, comes to revel all of the lies and secrets behind the matter .As the characters develop a phobia of the headless horseman, they come to fear the unknown and therefore suggest that the headless horseman is a mass murderer. Throughout the course of the story, the setting, characters, and plot are built on the perception of the unknown individual through fear, and speculation. Ichabod Crane lived in New York and took a wide interest in the field of science. He was selected to report to sleepy hollow and try and discover who the murderer was and why they were occurring. He refused to believe that a creature such as the headless horseman could be causing all of this mischief. Ichabod came across as an intelligent man. He was very determined and friendly to the citizens of sleepy hollow. Katrina Van Tassel was the love interest of Ichabod she's the only heir to one of the richest farmers of the neighborhood. She inherited a vast knowledge about witchcraft and herbs from her late mother. Lady van tassel, Katrina’s stepmother was revealed to have been the one who controlled the villainous plot against the citizens of sleepy Hollow. The headless horseman is one of the most important characters in the story. He was earlier killed during the revolutionary war but his spirit haunts through the headless horseman. The setting of Sleepy Hollow described the allegory of the story in a million different ways. Sleepy Hollow was located near the West Woods, an eerie foggy
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