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Fight Club Chapter 3. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation Summary The 1999 film “Fight Club” is about a middle aged man that suffers from insomnia. The main character later starts having psychotic delusions that result in him starting underground fighting matches that turn dangerous on a large scale. The movie starts off as most attention grabbing movies do, with the last scene then begins the recap as to what events led up to the current predicament. On a time line, the movie actually starts with the main character, it never actually gives his name, laying in bed trying to sleep. His thoughts repeat, “I couldn’t sleep.” the narrator suffers from a sleep disorder known as insomnia. The movie goes on, depicting what life through an insomniac’s eyes would seem like. A boring, irritating, and depressing world begins to unfold through the tired eyes of the narrator. Wanting rest, he narrator then begins to search for a reliever for his disorder. He then finds that self-help groups and meetings for people with life altering or even life ending conditions were his ticket to a good night’s sleep so he becomes addicted to the groups. Everything seemed to be getting better when a lady starts sitting in on groups such as groups for men with testicular cancer. This irritated the narrator, so the two end up working out a deal and split up all the groups they go to so as to not see each other again. The narrator, while on a business trip, encounters a salesman who gives the narrator his card with contact info, as most salesmen do. Upon arrival, the narrator comes to find out that his apartment has exploded due to a “gas leak”. Having nowhere to go, the narrator decides to call the salesmen he encountered and informs him of what has happened. The two men then go to a bar to have a few drinks, discuss what happened and how important the content of the narrator’s

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