Sleeping Beauty, Tale and Movie Comparisson

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Sleeping Beauty: Total Submission Falling into the death-like state of a long, deep sleep, she lacks all activity and simply lies still waiting until she wakes, what would you do? Sleeping Beauty is a tale that had been put up for public criticism upon the 2011 movie release featuring a modern adaptation of objectification. This film constitutes as a sexualised image and the nature of sexual aggression. The film is not as scandalous when contrasted to the pre-Disney versions of this nearly 500 year old tale of sleeping beauty. These two tales share sexual themes, presence of non-princely princes and lacks the glamour of choosing to be a heroine. Sleeping Beauty, as many other tales, traces back to the early 1500’s although the first distinct publication of the tale does not surface until nearly a hundred years later by Giambattista Basile, "Sun, Moon, and Talia" also known more formally as Il Pentamerone, Day 5, Tale 5 (1636). In this tale Sleeping Beauty is named Talia, the long awaited daughter of the king and queen. This tale is similar to what we have heard before up until the arrival of her supposed savior. A king stumbles on an empty castle and the most beautiful dead woman he had ever laid his eyes on. From what many have seen, a kiss awakens the princess and they live happily ever after, however this version has a little more than that. The façade of lover’s first sight isn’t granted in this tale; in fact Talia isn’t even given the choice to fall in love. She is raped by the king that finds her and she gives birth to twins, later named Sun and Moon, all while she is still supposed to be dead. The ending is a happy one though. Talia is awakened by her child mistaking her finger for a nipple which was imbedded with the flax sliver that condemned her to death, her children were almost eaten by the kings’ current wife and Talia was sent to be burned. Talia, the
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