Sleep Study Essay

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Many of us are familiar with the after effects of a night or two without sleep. Without sleep, we are less efficient and more irritable. It may even become difficult to think clearly. 63% of college students do not get enough sleep, according to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation. Obviously, Sleep deprivation is a way of life for most students, especially during exam times. 15% percent of college students admit that they fall asleep in class. Students who studied hard all week and then stayed up all night partying on the weekend lost as much as 30% of what they had learned during the week. This is not a problem only seen in college students. Much of society suffers to some extent from sleep deprivation. Most students do not get enough sleep because their sleep hours changed based on their workload. Other reasons students don’t sleep include stress, roommates, or miscellaneous noise. Most students don’t realize they are lacking sleep. It comes out in other ways – frequent illnesses, general fatigue, increased anxiety and impaired concentration and memory retrieval. When students are asked how much sleep they get, they don’t realize that they get sleep deprivation in little bits. They get 3 hours of sleep one night, 5 the next, 4 the next night. Night after night of this takes its toll. Sleep deprivation can lead to sleep apnea, a breathing disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea affects as many as 18 million Americans. If you are sleep deprived, you may notice one or more of these signs: Eyelids feel heavy Dozing off while reading, watching television or sitting in meetings or class Slow thinking and reaction time Difficulty concentrating or understanding directions Forgetfulness, frequent errors or mistakes Poor attentiveness or judgment in changing and/or complex situations Difficulty in solving
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