Sleep Disorders Essay

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This article touches base on the most common sleep disorders. The disorders range from mild cases such as work schedules, insomnia and caring for ill family to extreme cases such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea and sleepwalking. Sleep disorders can be caused by multiple things; what your drink, medications taken and illnesses. Sleep disorders are costly to the person and to our society. Giving useful treatment tips and information on the commonality of the disorders, I found it very informative. A lot of the “so-called” common disorders, do not seem to be so common, they are actually very rare. Four of the common disorders involve your biological clock shifting, coming out of sync or is actually extended for more then 24 hours. The more extreme disorders do require medical treatment from specialist in the field of sleep disorders. Some disorders can be treated with a few simple steps taken by the individual. I found this article easy to read and follow the information given by the authors. I liked the simple suggestions given to assist in curing simple sleep disorders. I was unable to find specific authors, but I do feel the information is credible and informative to the reader. I can personally take some of the suggestions given in this article and utilize them to help with my personal sleeping pattern disorder. I am realizing that irregular sleep can lead to multiple personal and medical problems. Plan and simple, people need to get a good, sound eight hours of sleep. writers. "9 Most Common Sleep Disorders" 29 July 2010. < Retrieved 09 January

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