Sleep Deprivation in Teens

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Sara Wilson Ms. Mallie Chapter 3 Research Report Friday, February 28, 2014 Abstract This research report will be discussing the topic of sleep deprivation in teens and how the loss of sleep is a prominent issue that is occurring among teenagers today. The main question being asked in this research report is, ‘What the real sources and causes of sleep deprivation in teens today are.’ It can be assumed that the advance of technology takes a large part in this problem, clearly indicating why teens are so prone to the issue. Sleep deprivation could also be the result of teens having that very new freedom given by parents to stay up later. Mainly, social media and the pressure of peers to stay up during the later hours is what could be causing teenagers to be sleep deprived. Proven research has explained how homework, part-time jobs, puberty and sleep cycles are all also very valid sources. In addition, independence and technology are seen as key causes of sleep deprivation in teens as well. Introduction Sleep deprivation is a current issue among teenagers today that is not recognized as substantial problem in society. When figuring out what sleep deprivation really means we can start by finding the definition of the word deprivation. Deprivation is the lack of something which is considered to be necessary in society, such as sleep. Therefore, being sleep deprived would mean a person is regularly not getting enough sleep. This then leads to further problems affecting someones daily life. It is very rare that parents are even aware that their child is sleep deprived or knows about what their teenager does after hours in their bedroom. Since the issue being discussed is on sleep, this problem goes very far back because sleep is a natural human tendency. There are many real disorders or issues someone can obtain resulting in the reason for why they are sleep

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