sleep deprivation Essay

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Sleep deprivation can cause damage to the body; there are effects on people from it. Most people have sleep deprivation because of their everyday life or health complications. Sleep is a daily practice people do each day. It is the condition of resting. Some characteristics of sleep are that a person may lie down to go to sleep with their eyes closed, and they should not be able to hear anything unless it is a really loud noise. The person should sleep with a rhythmic pattern when they are breathing. When sleeping, the body’s muscles are completely relaxed. The person occasionally rolls over or rearranges his or her body when asleep. This is the way for the body to make sure that no part of the body or skin has its circulation cut off for too long. Sleep deprivation weakens your body. Sleep gives powers to all of our body systems. It is very important to a person’s health. When people decide to not get any sleep, they are leaving their bodies wide open for attacks from diseases. Sleep deprivation causes stress, and stress also weakens our body systems. In order to stay healthy, you need sleep. Sleep affects the human body. A day without sleep probably will not affect the human body much. The person will usually just be irritable during the next day or become easily tired or worn out. Sleep gives the body a chance to repair muscles and other tissues. Sleep helps the brain function correctly; it also gives the chance for the brain to sort or organize our memories. Sleep drains our energy’s use, so in order for us to have enough energy, we need to eat at least three means a day. Most adults need up to seven to nine hours a day. The amount of sleep decreases according to age. Exercise helps tire and relax the body. People should try to stay in a schedule of the times they go to sleep and wake up every day. Sleep deprivation is something you

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