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Introduction Sleep is the only vital wellness function each human or animal does every 24 hours. It is an important function for every individual to maintain health. We require sleep as a way of refreshing and keeping alertness in our day to day life. Different people perceive sleep differently, some view it as a luxury while other perceive it as an evil that bars human from working a twenty four hours. Lack of sleep may affect an individual’s health as the immune system is affected negatively. Individual who is sleep deprived may suffer from headache, memory loss of even sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy, hypersomnia or sleep apnea. This paper aims at defining what exactly sleep is, what cycles are undergone during sleep and the major factors affecting sleep. In additionally, the paper will prove that excessive sleep is harmful to human health as it may affect the physical, social or emotional nature of human kind. What is sleep? All animals including human beings require sleep. Sleep is a state when the body activity and senses are relatively suspended. It is accompanied by partial or total unconsciousness where all voluntary muscles are termed as inactive. It is also referred as the period when our bodies are making new nervous and muscular tissues, producing new bones and repairing worn out tissues. Sleep is triggered by a complex group of hormones in the body (Ciccarelli, 2012). The hormones respond to environmental and body cues leading the given individual to sleep. Approximately 75% of sleep periods are dreamless. The dreamless period during sleep is referred to as non-rapid eye movement. Dreams usually occur during the rapid eye movement periods. According to National Institute of health, lack of sleep, may lead to both mental and physical health problems (Foulkes, 1966). Basically, sleep ids the period when brain and body cells recharge

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