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English 111 2/6/13 Summary According to “Americas Sleep-Deprived teens” we aren’t getting enough sleep and in some instances to much sleep. Many teens are falling asleep in class and not getting there work done. Weather it’s the parents not knowing, everyday pressures or other factors the fact is children aren’t getting enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) conducted a survey and the findings were pretty interesting. While many parents claim that they know there children’s sleeping patterns and make sure they get enough sleep, more than one half (56%) of adolescents say they get less sleep than recommended. Many teens claim they get to bed on time but the quality of sleep is horrible. Many factors contribute to this weather it’s keeping the TV on or listening to music. It is recommended to have between 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep to function at our best. Sleep is food for the brain, lack of sleep can make you depressed, irritable and angry. Everyday pressures are another common problem that affects sleeping. Teens have a internal clock that causes you to feel more alert at night and wake up later in the morning. This makes it difficult to go to bed at a decent time and wake up feeling refreshed. Dr. Mindell the director of the Graduate Program in Psychology at Saint Joseph’s University says “sending students to school without enough sleep is like sending them to school with breakfast. Sleep serves not only a restorative function for adolescent’s bodies and brains, but it is also a key time when they process what they’ve learned during the day.” It is also important for teens to have a consistent sleep schedule throughout the week. Surveys show that teens rely on naps to make them more refreshed. You should only take at the maximum a 45 minute nap anything more than that disrupts your biological clock and this is what causes you to wake up angry or

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