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Sleep Sleep is one of the most important things a person does each day. It allows the body to rest and to refresh itself so that it is able to function correctly. Every night nearly every person on the planet undergoes an outstanding metamorphosis. I totally agree with Paul Martin 100 percent, that sleep is one of the most important activities in your life, because I have been on days where I was running on one or two hours of sleep because of all of the work that had built up within the week that I had to finish. The author made it very interesting to read, just reading the first line of the essay I wanted to read and learn more about it. Sleep is a behavior that will occupy one-third of your life. Martin is very good on staying on topic for the most part, he doesn’t make the essay sound boring at all, and he makes sure that the reader catches the attention and stays focused on the reading. Teenagers are the ones who are struck the most with something called sleep deprivation. Teenagers tend to have these problems, mostly because it’s school related; they are still trying to mature into adulthood but at the same time live life as a kid which makes them not be able to sleep well or go onto long days with little hours of sleep. Before I read this essay I didn’t think sleep was too important, but then I realized that it is a meaningful part of your life and problems can occur if you do not get a whole lot of sleep, especially when you are young: this is the time when you need the most sleep. Up to forty million Americans suffer from sleep disruptions that for some trigger serious health risks, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. The author put a lot of supportive details into this essay. When our sleep falls short in quantity or quality we pay a heavy price

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