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And just like that, my life flashed before my eyes, was it really time to die, was it worth staying up to read the news feed, or catch the latest drama? It's horrible how we choose to stay up, rather than get our sleep, and finish our task when we awaken. We need to learn, In order to function properly as an individual, we need to get sufficient sleep on a night-to-night basis. According to Dr. Lawrence Epstein in his article “Improving Sleep”, “Sleep problems affect virtually every aspect of day-to-day living”. Every time we don’t get the recommended number of hours needed, our body begins to accumulate what William Dement calls a “sleep debt” and, just like a loan, the larger the debt, the harder it is to pay off. In the article “Sleep Debt and the Mortgaged Mind”, Dement illustrates the dangers of being sleep deprived by talking about the Exxon Valdez oil tanker disaster, Challenger spaceship tragedy, and the all too common car accident. As Dement points out, “The direct cause of America’s worst oil spill was the behavior of the third mate, who had slept only 6 hours in the previous 48 and was severely sleep deprived”. He goes on to refer to the errors made in the Spaceship Challenger explosion as, “…attributed to the severe sleep deprivation of the NASA managers,”. During sleep a person’s brain goes through a cycle of stages, Quiet, REM (rapid eye movement), and Deep sleep, each stage having a different benefit to the body and brain. By not fully cycling through on a nightly basis, the brain and body are not receiving enough time to restore and refresh themselves for the strains of the following day thus, leading to the grogginess felt the next morning. If this trend continues on a night-to-night basis, eventually, after a few months, the person will begin to experience less than healthy side effects. In addition to loss of performance, there is a higher risk

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