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Slaves Essay

  • Submitted by: deszy1
  • on November 29, 2012
  • Category: History
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Desiree Latta
Professor Noel
History 105

Part II
The ads I searched during the mini- research paper were slaves that ran away who were sick which was a total of 6 articles, Male or female less than the age of 20 residing in DC which was a total of 5 articles, and all slaves living in DC which had a total of 24 articles. The similarities I noticed in all the documents was that they all went a distance away from their original place of residence, there master was offering 10 dollars for them , and the masters knew what they had on. The differences between the articles is that some slaves had fancy clothes and others didn’t, some was married, had scars, money, and ran away to be with their family that they had previously had been separated from.

When I conducted my search I thought about myself. I put myself back in the slavery days. I wanted to see what teens in DC, like me, went through. I searched these topics because I was curious about if there were any slaves in DC around my age. I always wondered if any slaves around my age and ethnicity ran away. I sometimes pondered if I was in that time period what would I do. So I searched what other teens did. Their stories amazed me and I had so much sympathy and salute them for being so strong to run away. I decided to search runway sick slaves because I have health problems and I wanted to read how the slaves ran away under their sickly conditions. To sum it up I searched these topics because I wanted to see what slaves with the same characteristic as me did to break free from slavery.

Part III
Search results for the sick

Search results for male or female less than the...

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