Slavery Through The Uncles’ Eyes Essay

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The lives of southerners have been written about for many years, the romantic image of southern bells and southern gentlemen have captured the hearts and imaginations of countless. The south is known for its picturesque landscapes, warm weather, hospitable inhabitants, and rich history. This history while romanticized by many also bears with it the sad memory of a time where some people were not treated with the hospitality that this area is known for. The presence of slavery in the south is something that has scarred the region from many years. While the institution was a terrible thing it did however help to enrich the region by bringing the traditions and customs of Africa to the New World. Writers like Joel Chandler Harris and Charles Waddell Chestnut have helped to shed light on the lives, customs, and beliefs of the slaves through their memorable stories. While both writers tell their stories from the perspectives of slaves, Harris’s Uncle Remus and Chandler’s Uncle Julius, their depictions of the institution of slavery differ greatly. Harris used a slave named Uncle Remus to illustrate his views of the south and the tradition of slavery. In these stories Harris portrayed a kind old black man who told the stories that had been passed down to him from his parents and to them from their parents, to the son of the plantation owner. This situation sentimentalizes the view of slavery in the south because it appears that the old slave thinks of the owners children fondly and as his own. The stories were about personified animals and the encounters that they had with one another. While the stories told to the young boy by Uncle Remus seem to be solely for entertainment they could also have another deeper meaning, they could have been told to teach young people about the evils of pride, or they could show how cunning and slyness can help one to triumph in

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