Slavery In Rome

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Slavery was extremely common in Rome during the first century. Slavery in Rome was extremely important not only for the ease of life but also to the wealth of their economy. Their Empire depended on it. There were many situations in which slaves produced lots of money for the city of Rome and the Roman Empire. Firstly, hundreds of Roman slaves worked on the Latifundia farms, growing crops to feed the population of Rome thus making huge profits for the farm owners. There work was extremely hard and without the use of slaves Rome would have lost out on a lot of wealth as no Roman citizen would have worked this hard in the heat. Secondly, in many cases slaves acted as wet nurses, taking responsibility of the care of their masters children. Here releasing the parents of this. Also, in Rome Slaves were used as the equivalent of today’s highly respected members of the working society such as Doctors, Actors, Architects here they would make large amounts of money for their owners who would hire them out to do work that was hugely needed in the Roman society. Furthermore, slaves in Rome were great help to their masters through trade such as potters, blacksmiths and jewellers. The slave would then replace the master if he died to continue to support the family. Without this a Roman family without an adult male would collapse with no one to run the business and bring an income into the household for food and living. On several occasions, to save Roman families money, a slave would tutor the masters’ children. Although it was only a little they were saving in the short time, in the long run, throughout the child’s education they would save a frantic amount. Slaves in Rome acted as our modern civil servants. They would take responsibility for aiding the cities efficient government and also making sure the empire stays profitable by doing such jobs as collecting taxes.
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