Slavery Is The Fourth Of July

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The author’s work of literature that have been discussed and read in class are closely related about major history events that have occurred in the past in the United States. Such as: the war with Native Americans, the American Revolution, slavery, and the decisive of a post-Revolutionary society. In the two stories “What to the slaves is the fourth of July?” by Fredrick Douglass and “A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson,” by Rowlandson both stories make sense of its historical subject. Both stories are closely related to each other in which they both have somewhat to do with slavery and war, and what steps they took to obtain their freedom. The war with the Native Americans took years to come to an end. It is…show more content…
Literature, just as Douglass’s, assists the people to see the most important action of the ancient times. Douglass talks about his conviction that America can be observed like a fraud, which celebrates in its own liberty while others are strained to reside as slaves. In his literature piece, he says the following, “Your high independence, only reveals the immeasurable distance between us. The blessings in which you this day rejoice, are not enjoyed in common. The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence, bequeathed by your fathers, is shared by you, not by me.” By him saying this remark in this passage, he introduces the point that slaves were not recognized like “normal” human beings but were seen as human beings that were born to simply help people superior to them succeed in life. Not only were they viewed as slaves but they were also asked to participate in the riotous behaviors neighboring the countries freewill where the slaves had no part in what so ever. Douglass’s life had many ups and downs as a person who basically did not have any privileges what so ever, is seen throughout his dialogue. Nowadays people wouldn’t be able to picture living without the necessary privileges we are used to in today’s world. Slavery is not a component in our life span. Its work like…show more content…
In the story, “A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson,” by Rowlandson, Rowlandson, breaks down the cruel experiences she had to go through in order to survive all the hardships. She was captive in a war, where she had no way to escape. Rowlandson states, “Now is the dreadful hour come, that I have often heard of (in time of war, as it was the case of others), but now mine eyes see it.” By sharing this comment, she is able to show us how life was really like during the war, and how much people suffered. Not only did she suffer while the war was occurring, but the fact that she had lost her baby in the war devastated her. She felt as she had lost a part of her life. As soon as Rowlandson heard about her baby she said, “I knew not whither. It is not my tongue, or pen, can be expressed the sorrows of my heart, and bitterness of my spirit, that it did not quite fail.” By her saying this she felt a sense of devastation. Now that her baby was dead, she felt as if she had no reason to be living any longer. Rowlandson had a great deal to deal with. First, she had to deal with the war that was surrounding her and the fact that she was trapped in it with no way to escape it; then she had to deal with the fact of her baby’s death. It was a certainly a tough time for her to deal

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