Slavery in Southeast Asia

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There is an epidemic of sexual slavery in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. This issue has long been recognized as a destructive force in the world, spreading HIV and other diseases around the world at an alarming rate. Women and children are sold into slavery at a very young age (from 4 to 30 years old), often beaten, and forced to perform sexual acts which create irreversible damage in a human being. Many social economic issues such as extreme poverty, corrupt government officials, and lack of infrastructure has rendered these countries vulnerable to the high demand of the escort industry in countries around the world. These problems will be addressed looking through the global lens of power and its influence. The most influential forces that have control over this industry are the governments of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. Due to the recent economic crisis in Asia, money and jobs have become harder and harder to come by for the indigenous people in Southeast Asia. The government has cut funding to social security and all other public services resulting in a surge of criminal activity from the Russian, Chinese, and Japanese mafia. These criminal cells operate in secret from businesses such as brothels and bars to lure in tourists and sell women and children for sexual exploitation. While the Tai government has written many laws to combat sex tourism, it still remains a problem due to the vast majority of officials who participate in sexual exploitation of their citizens. For example, there is a law in place which deems sex trafficking illegal however if local police find such a ring in their quadrant, they are disciplined for allowing such activities happen. This contradictory law is one of many laws designed to keep the industry going. Worth about 500 billion dollars a year (more than half of the entire government budget in

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