Slavery In Colonial America

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Slavery in Colonial America Ever since the beginning of time, the more dominant in society have forced lesser citizens to fulfill daily tasks. Slavery had dated back to thousand of years. However, slavery was not established America originally; it was brought from Europe. In 1619, a Dutch ship arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. Its purpose was to retrieve tobacco grown and cultivated in America. The Dutch, in return, paid for the tobacco with 20 African captives, which the Dutch had, most likely, seized from a slave trader bound for the Spanish West Indies. As soon 1700, enslaved blacks would comprise a majority of the work force in some of the southern colonies. This was one of the Americans’ first exposures to slavery which led to centuries of controversy and conflict which nearly broke the country in two. The treatment of African Americans when they first arrived in America was very similar to the treatment of indentured servants, and of course, black servants were treated hugely different than white servants. By 1740 the slavery system in colonial America was fully developed. Race was a very significant factor in the American slavery system. In most other nations, it was common for a slave to be of the same race as their master. After their job as a slave, it was then acceptable to reenter society as an equal citizen. In American slavery, racial barriers that were associated with early slaver subsequently led to racial segregation and discrimination later in history. Master and slave could physically be distinguished from one another, which ultimately branded one as human and the other as chattel. Slavery, as it existed in America, was a practice founded on the “chattel principle.” Slaves were treated as human chattel, which meant they were to be traded, sold, used, and treated as an article of property to the owner or possessor rather than

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