Slavery in America Essay

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The abolishment of the cruel and absolute over-ruling of another human being that we know today to be named slavery can be contributed to many reasons, a major factor in exposing the outrageous and evilness of slavery is slave rebellions, in which was a result of the pain and suffering and desperation forced upon the enslaved humans. For America slavery began in 1619, when a Dutch ship named, "White Lion" captured 20 enslaved Africans from a battle with a Spanish ship, and ended up landing in Jamestown Virginia for food and supplies and repairs from their battle. Due to the fact the Dutch didn't have the funds needed to buy any of the supplies, they traded the enslaved Africans to the colonist as indentured servants to pay the price. This occurred during the great migration, which was a period from 1618 to 1623 where the population grew from 450 to 4,000, But there was also an very high mortality rate due to disease, malnutrition, and war with the Indians which forced the colonies to have a dire need for laborers. Even though the Africans were slaves for the Spanish, once the were sold to the colonist they became indentured servants which meant the where only laborers under a contact to work for their masters for a period of time due to the fact slavery wasn't legal in America at that time. There weren't any legal slaves in America until 1654 when a man named John Castor became the first legal slave in America due to the fact Africans were not English and were not covered by the English common law. The man that Owned the first slave in America happened to previously be an indentured African slave named John Casor. Virginia was a state that in a matter of 55 years slowly but surely began restricting and taking away right from negroes. Starting in 1650 negroes weren't allowed arms or ammunition, later In 1662 it was stated that a child's status, free or

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