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Slavery in America Essay

  • Submitted by: debbytrang
  • on February 25, 2009
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Worthless pieces of flesh; being owned and being property; being abused; no freedom or personal rights, these all characterize one thing: a slave. Slavery in America lasted for an extremely long period of time from the 16th century all until 1863. It started just after the Europeans were settled. No one in our time today could truly understand what it is like to be a slave. So as Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mocking Bird” would say, “let’s try to climb into one’s skin and walk around in it”.

Approximately half a million Africans were brought over from Africa during the slave trade. Due to the law saying that the offspring of a slave was automatically considered the same, the slave population in the U.S grew rapidly to 4 million by 1860. Indian slavery was practiced as well in the 17th century, but mostly were slaves from Africa. Slaves were needed by many reasons to serve rich and higher class people. One of the reasons was for work in the big fields. In the South, many plantations grew cotton, which was a very thorny bush. Women and men had to work from sun up to sun down picking this thorny bush. Sometimes, there hands would bleed but they still had to keep working. When doing this, they had overseers who would whip them if they weren’t working hard enough. Slaves were only given one set of clothes for winter and summer and ate what their master gave them, sometimes being nothing at all.

The Atlantic Slave Trade was the purchase of people in and transport from West Africa and Central Africa into slavery in the new world. During the Slave Trade, many slaves came from different slave ports: Eastern Africa, Guinea Coast, Southern Africa, Western Sudan, and Central Sudan. The Middle Passage was used to describe slave trade from Africa to America. Approximately 10 million slaves came to America between 1603 and 1863. Some people also call it the Triangular Trade, because the ships traveled on ways that formed a shape of a triangle. The trips from these...

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