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During the 19th century, America participated in the African slave trade in which thousands of Africans were taken from their homes and sent to America to be sold. During this time about seventeen percent of the population were slaves in which only a handful lived in the north. (Lee) Most slaves, however, lived in the south working on plantations as field hands. Also, during this time in history, there was a separation of the north and south which was known as the Civil War. In the south, slavery resided; however, the north was starting to industrialize which created no need for slavery. These major facts played a huge role when reading the biography of Frederick Douglass because they created the foundation for which the whole story was told. The biography, “A Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass”, is a perfect example of the clever slave motif that is consistently seen throughout history. Frederick is portrayed as a clever slave for many reasons. He not only tricked small children to teach him how to read and write, but he understood the reality of slavery and the necessity to escape. Also, Douglass was known to be a very dedicated and brave slave because he never quit in his pursuit for a better life. Frederick Douglass was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland. Although there is no authentic record of his birth, he was supposedly seventeen years old in 1835; therefore, it can be assumed that he was born in the year 1818. (Douglass 2000-2010) After his birth, he was separated from his mother and put onto a nearby plantation under the care of an elderly slave. He resided on Colonel Lloyd’s plantation until he was seven or eight years old. Leaving the plantation with joy, Frederick was sent to work as a house slave in Baltimore for a man named Mr. Hugh Auld. As a slave, Douglass’s main job was to take care of Mr. Auld’s son, Thomas, and to help his

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