Slavery Essay

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Introduction In slavery women were seen as sexual toy and child bearer. Women especially African descendant’s slaves were an “exotic women” who had to be willing to pleasure their master in the Caribbean. These women were viewed to lack modesty as a sign of their impaired moral nature. Thus this affected how many women were seen and also men saw woman as a property. This mentality affected how women in general were stereo –typed in a society. The European women were known to be fragile who need a husband to give them stability. Thus this research paper will focus on how slavery has affected gender role in Belize? Furthermore it will view how women came feel and express their views towards these discrimination and stereo- type that society has labelled them. Using the means of interview, questionnaires and factual information. Thus the answer of this question will focus on the feminist perspective, social pathology, change of family pattern and companionship. Template In the Caribbean slavery was a major input to our economic stability. Slavery brought changes in gender role and family pattern in a society especially on the slaves who were part of a plantation or mahogany camps. The problem is how has slavery affect gender role in Belize? In Belize the family pattern and the gender role has had a shift. This research is to help the social workers, government and society to understand why these changes are happening and what triggered these changes. The significance of this research is to help the society to understand that some changes in the gender role are for the best. That these changes not only bring a benefit but can also have a consequence in family patters views of certain individual. This study should help to stop the stereo-typing and the different discrimination in the country. Statement of Problem This research states that slavery has

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