Slavery Essay

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Stayshu Rivette 4th hour In this world as a slave Every single day as a slave was a new and hard experience. Most days were unbearable. I was a working slave at a farm plantation ran by a guy named Joe. I picked cotton and cut sugar cane. There were many farm animals as well, so my job was also to tend to these animals. I worked seven days a week, sun up to sun down. I lived in a small house with three other slaves. My slave owners name was George Washington; he was a very mean man who didn’t care about anyone but himself and his family. I pitied him for being so ungrateful. When you’re a slave you can’t really hear much about what’s going on around you. But, one of the other slaves, whom I was generally close to happen to hear that the North was having an abolish slavery movement. Most plantation owners were worried that us slaves would rebel against our owners, and some did. Northerners started to rebel as well. My slave owner, George Washington, got nervous to leave my fellow slave mates and I by ourselves. In fear, that we would harm their families, them, or even run away. None of us slaves had any idea where we would end up, because if the South stays in the union, then we would be stuck as slaves. And if it left, I would still be a slave, but without influences of Northern abolitionists. The American Revolution didn’t change anything for us slaves, but after the American Revolution came the Constitution. The Constitution stated that everyone was equal, but even then African Americans were treated as slaves. Once around this time, I tried to escape. After all the time going without food, water, a place to sleep, or warm clothes, I was soon captured. Northerners took me back to my slave owner, because of the law stating that “Shall

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