Slavery Essay

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As colonies emerge and began to expand rapidly, there is a growth in production and agriculture. The demand for slaves increases as indentured servants become less popular. Although geographic features have encouraged the growth of slavery in Southern colonies from 1607 to 1775, economic and social factors have also made a huge impact. The triangle trade gave access to colonies to distribute and receive goods and resources. The middle passage of the triangle trade established the expansion of trade for slaves between South Africa to the Americas. It increased the establishment of slaves in North America, especially in the southern colonies. Geographically, slaves were brought to the Caribbean islands, such as Barbados, to be put into condition in order to survive the laborious job in the fields. These slaves are then shipped to other locations and sold off to white plantation owners. The geographic location of some areas have access to rich soil, which improves farming. Crops and foods that grow on these plantations require enrichment and so they used slaves because they needed a handful of workers. As more colonies improve their land and establish a steady geographical location, more slaves are in demand. In 1612, John Rolfe, from Jamestown, began experimenting growing tobacco, which became a huge economic success. Also in South Carolina, Eliza Lucas started to experiment on indigo because people needed a new crop to grow. Rice plantations also started in South Carolina, as well as Georgia. The tobacco company and the production of rice and indigo transformed the Chesapeake society. These plantations require heavy work 2 and harvesting in order to increase the supply of goods which also increases the economy. They relied on slaves to maintain their arduous and unhealthy labor on the fields. Since the slaves are immune to malaria, the harsh, humid

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