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Post 2: Slavery U.S. History 1 Slavery did not directly cause the Civil War. Instead, it was the differences between the northern and southern economies that caused the war. Of course, slavery was one of those differences. To see that slavery wasn't the main cause of the war, look back to the Nullification Crisis of the 1830s which was the first time the South talked about secession. It was caused not by slavery but by a tariff. The South's economy depended on exports (and slave labor) while the North's depended more on manufacturing and on cheap labor in farmers and immigrants. Because they had such different economies and needs they came to distrust each other. So slavery is one way in which they were different, but it's not like the main aim of the South was to keep slavery while the main aim of the North was to end it. These two facts reiterate that even more is that there were four Union states which had slavery, and that there was draft riots in NYC because people didn't want to fight to free slaves Slavery started in what is now the United States in 1619. In that year, a load of slaves was dropped off in Jamestown, the first settlement. Slavery would continue to exist in the United States until the end of the Civil War, which was in 1865. Slavery came to exist mainly because there was a serious need for labor in the South. Paid workers did not want to work in the conditions that existed on Southern plantations, so the owners of the plantations needed workers who would. They used white indentured servants for a while, but eventually turned more and more to black slaves. Most people believe this change happened because it was easier to prevent black slaves from escaping and because black slaves did not know the terrain of the U.S. As the new nation became settled, slavery became a part of it. Many of the new settlements were large areas where

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