Slave Power Conspiracy

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Throughout the course of America’s history there have been events that are so unbelievable and lack sufficient evidence to back them up, thus they become known as conspiracies. One of these conspiracies is the idea of Slave Power. The Slave Power Conspiracy, to most American’s this conspiracy is probably unknown, but it relates to an idea which is a topic of debate among scholars and historians. The Slave Power Conspiracy is an idea that came to be in the 1840’s and lasted till the end of the Civil War. As was stated this idea is a conspiracy as there is no direct evidence to give it a strong foundation or validity in our time. The term “Slave Power” coined in 1864 in a book written by John Smith Dye entitled “History Of The Plots And Crimes Of The Great Conspiracy To Overthrow Liberty In America.” The term started off simply as the Slave Power (conspiracy was added in the modern era). In the book Dye alleges that since the time of Independence, the aristocrats of the South and politicians from the South have had an agenda to extend slavery to the Western United States and Latin America and thus increase their power, wealth, and influence in the United States. There are certain events that happened in Dye’s time that can show this idea was real. They can also prove the legitimate and real threat Slave Power posed, to Latin America. By examining all angles of this argument both real and outrageous will ultimately prove why the Slave Power Conspiracy should remain as Dye put it simply the Slave Power. Slavery in The United States The focus may be the conspiracy’s effect on Latin America, but the conspiracy has its roots in the United States. Slavery in the United States began almost as soon as the nation was founded and would last until the passing of the 13th Amendment in 1865. The United States was formally established as a nation by two documents, one of

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