Slave Labor Essay

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Watson 1 Natasha D. Watson Professor Waldron ENC 1101 March 25, 2013 Blind Faith When reading the lottery I was intrigued from the start. The title was a misrepresentation of the story it’s self. Instead of a happy story about someone winning something and there dreams coming true. You have a dark twisted story about the way people follow things blindly. Take religion no matter the good or bad people will still follow faithfully. There fear of the unknown and there need to believe in something. Is so crippling that the will believe and follow anyone. They say you should have blind faith but I think people should open there eyes. A man of god should be a symbol of goodness and godliness. But that is no longer true there are pastors that commit crimes and people still follow them. Watson 2 How can you lead someone out of sin if you yourself are still in it? I wouldn’t want someone to preach to me about my sins when they have done worse things then me. Anybody can build or start a church and people will follow without any question. That is why there are so many different religions and they all have followers. Most religions are old but there are several that have started in the past hundred years. The church preys on peoples need to believe and exploits it to the fullest. You see people want so much to believe in something they lose sight and forget the what, who and how of things. People are so caught up I there fears that they gravitate to whatever will allow them to still be them but also be religious. Like Old Man Warner said “It’s not the way it use to be, people aint the same no more”. Years ago a man of god was healed to a certain standards. Anyone couldn’t be a pastor it took years in the church as well as school. But now it is so simple to get a ministry license that anyone can be a pastor. No matter what you have done or

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