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For Zulu I Jambo! my name is Zumala. I am 13 years old and I am from the west coast of African in Ghana. The meaning of my name is warrior, leader and survivor. I am the oldest in my family; I have a two year old sister (Zulu). My father died when I was 11 (just after Zulu birth) and my mother died during childbirth so I act like a mother to Zulu. Something strange happened and I am willing to find out what it is and means. It was the anniversary death of my mother and me and my tribe went to have a flower ceremony to remember. Because my mum loved the beach we thought to pray and sing for her would be good but as we started to get nearer we heard people screaming and big brown boats with lots of people in lines. Then we saw an unfamiliar colored man pointing our way screaming in a different language then two men charged for us we dropped everything and started running. I started slowly but git faster and faster as I heard heavy footsteps behind me. I heard a massive thump on the ground 3 of my tribe friends got caught screaming in agony but something in my heart told me to stop so i got grabbed and thrown to the ground I wasn’t sure what was going on I was being dragged back to the beach to the huge ships I was pushed into a wooden gate box and had chains put on my neck ankles and wrists. II I sit, surrounded by people not six inches away, underneath the deck of a boat. I stare at the bodies-rows and rows of bodies. Some left us because of disease, others old age. Holding my breath is pointless, the acrid smell never goes away and even when I do get off this ship, I will still remember that distinctive scent. The groans grow so loud that I cover my ears and try to muffle the sounds with my own singing. Last night I sang until my body passed out from exhaustion and I could only hope

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