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Vince and the Slap Chop The commercial starts off with a person who introduces himself as “Vince” with a product called the “Slap Chop”, the advert starts off at a fast place with Vince talking fast and loud, he tells us that we are going to be in a good mood all day, with slapping our troubles away with a slap chop. He then grabs a potato and slaps it a few times and shows us the results, HOME FRIES he exclaims. He then says that “We love salad, but hate making it”, how wrong he is I hate salad, and never make it. He then tells us to add the vegetables to the salad; Vince is very excited about Slap Chop. Soup, Coleslaw, and tells us that his can of Tuna is boring and adds it to his salad, and WOW Tuna Salad. You’re going to love my nuts he says, I had to rewind this several times... Yes he really said it, I am going to love his nuts, he then starts to slap his nuts with his slap chop and tells us not to buy topping for our ice cream, and then he adds some Oreo cookies, and wow a great topping for ice cream. Vince then tells us that we’re going to slap away every day with the slap chop, because it is so easy to clean, he counts to three as he is taking the machine apart, he then tells that the other machines “in the stores” gets bacteria inside the cutting blade and is worthless, and he throws it over his shoulder, and SLAMDUNK, like Michael Jordan he dumps it into the sink. BUT WAIT there’s more, if we order within the next 10minutes, as he can’t offer this all day he will throw in the “Graty”, which is a cheese grater that stores the cheese and like a peppermill, you grate the cheese when you need it. Finally he holds both the Slap Chop and the Graty, one in each hand and tells us how to order, he then almost comes through the TV screen as his big head and chin is pushed into the screen. There seems to be a huge following for Vince Schlomi (or Vince Offer

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