Slab Essay

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SUGGESTED CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE - Owner Builders ARRANGE SERVICES Arrange with your electrician a temporary supply of electricity. Also organise with your plumber a water supply for the duration of the job. Council regulations require that a site toilet be provided and where necessary footpath crossings, which will be installed by council. CLEAR & ESTABLISH SITE Prepare the site for building by removing all vegetation that may inhibit building. It may also be necessary to employ an earthmover to level the block. Information on levels will be available from your surveyor. SET OUT Have your surveyor organise the set out for you. ARRANGE SUB-CONTRACTORS The following sub-contractors should be contacted. 1. Excavator 2. Electrician 3. Plumber & Drainer 4. Gasfitter 5. Concretor 6. Carpenter 7. Bricklayer 8. Waterproofer 9. Plasterer (internal linings) 10. Roofer 11. Tiler (wall & floor) 12. Floor sander 13. Painter When contacting the sub-contractors it is important to remember that they may have several jobs on at once and, with weather interference, it is wise to be prepared for flexibility in your schedule. PLUMBER - Pipes The plumber will be needed to install all the pipes which will be under the flooring of the house. PLUMBER - Drains This is an important task undertaken by your plumber. Liaise with him as to when drains should be excavated, laid and backfilled. He may wish to do this after the floor brickwork or at some other stage. EXCAVATION OF FOOTINGS Many owner-builders think they will save money by doing their own excavations but this is most unwise. It is not economical and extremely hard work to excavate firm subsoils by hand. Footings are usually excavated using a backhoe and it is important you employ a specialist excavating company. Also footings and floor slabs must be designed in accordance with Australian Standard 2870 and
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