Skyy Gillette Advertising

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Both of these advertisements share quite a few similarities although they were found in completely different magazines. The Skyy vodka article was taken from Rolling Stone magazine and the Matt Ryan Gillette ad was in Popular Science. The fact that both of these articles were ran in certain magazines also hints at what the companies were trying to accomplish with their advertisement. By placing an advertisement in a certain magazine you know who your main audience will be and what you most likely should or should not include in it. Not only that but in a magazine your ad will continue to deliver its message due to the fact that most people thumb through magazines multiple times instead of reading cover to cover like a book. Also magazines are often…show more content…
The message portrayed is most plainly translated into “Hi, I’m Matt Ryan. I might have sensitive skin, but I’m still a badass. I play football, make millions of dollars a year, and this beautiful woman next to me waits patiently for me to give me what I want when I want it.” I believe that they chose a football player because it makes it seem manlier to the men who have sensitive skin and the women find him attractive so they will be more apt to buy that razor for the man in their lives. This image also fits perfectly the dominant advertising trends of male and female images. The man’s face and attitude are fully visible. He looks frisky, domineering, demanding, and ready for fun. The use of Matt Ryan in an ad for something that the average American uses gives the consumer a sense of being wealthy, popular and attractive. The fact that a celebrity is using the product also makes the consumer want to own the product so they can tell their friends how they just bought the product that so and so
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