Skywest Essay

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Sample Strategic Case Analysis – SkyWest I. Current Strategy (Effectiveness) a. The company is currently maintaining a successful strategy and is remaining competitive with its rivals. The company needs to focus on it efficiency and reputation with customers to boost its current standings; however, overall the company in meeting expectations and continuing to grow successfully. [1] II. Competitiveness of Price and Costs a. SkyWest is current very competitive in its prices and costs. Improvements can always be made, but based on the information below SkyWest is competing effectively with its competition. b. Supply Chain Management/Operation Costs i. Positives 1. Revenues from operations are $789,557,000, which is up from $742,855,000 2. Operating expenses are down from $82,863,000 to $78,907,000 3. Shares have increased from 59,118,000 to 63,940,000 ii. Negatives 1. Net income is down $3,340,000 2. EPS is down $.09 c. Distribution i. SkyWest currently has two major partnerships with Delta and United ii. The company has also combined with Atlantic Southeast to increase services areas and operations. d. Sales and Marketing i. SkyWest maintains its passenger count by maintaining or increasing the number of major carriers it services. 1. Currently SkyWest only has operations with United and Delta 2. SkyWest is seeking expansion opportunities with Continental, Southwest, and Jet Blue. 3. It is also seeking new ways to diversify its offerings in order to attract new business e. Service i. SkyWest maintains a positive reputation for on time arrivals and safety ii. It offers flights on two different types of
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