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SKYPE VOIP INTERNET TELEPHONY A STRATEGIC APPROACH TOWARDS MARKETING AND BRANDING By Pragyan Priyadarshani Strathclyde Business School (MBA Full Time – Attow) [pic] [pic] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Skype is one of the leading VOIP market players in today’s date. The company has a huge potential owing to its cutting edge technology and strong viral marketing capabilities. The company was an eBay concern until this year September when eBay decided to sell the company Skype to its founders. Skype is a classic example of a company reborn out of its own ashes and turning the wheel to a success story. “Skype – Phoenix out of KaZaa’s ashes” The study revolves around development of Skype and its explosive nature in the dot com industry. The research has been carried out from multiple references dated back since 2003 till date. The main idea behind this paper is to explore how a company with minimal resources like Skype could make it big within short span of time. The company has challenged some of the laws of marketing. But during the research it was observed that the company has been using some or other marketing tool during its entire development process. Initial Marketing Communication: Skype started as a viral product and mostly used the techniques of mass marketing like local newspapers, TV channels and website. The products success gained it coverage under various national columns and tech forums. Skype has been very customer focused in its approach; it maintained a feedback loop with the users for continuous improvement in its quality and services. It has been improving upon its user segment by very high margins. Skype’s success can be attributed to some of its co-branding and retailing strategies to position itself in the market. Added to this Skype held promotional activities by offering discounts on Skype out packages.

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