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My relationship with sky diving Amy Rodriguez My relationship with sky diving has slowly turned into an addiction. There is nothing like the feeling of jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft 13,000 ft in the air. I have over 14 jumps and it never gets old. The rush of sitting out of the plane door waiting for the pilot to give me the thumbs up, having the cold high altitude air rush through my body. Having those 10 long seconds of free fall time and pulling that rip cord and getting a better of view of the environment that surrounds me. People always ask me why sky ding? I don’t expect many to understand, I started skydiving to get out of my head for a little while, it’s a rush to have no control over my body and just feel stress free. When I’m up 13,000 ft in the sky there’s no deadlines, no boss nagging me, it’s a way of freedom for me. When getting closer to the drop zone I get this wave of pride and relief that over comes me. The fact that I just did something that not many people will get to do or even want to do is exciting. Growing up I was always the dare devil around my neighborhood. In sixth grade I wanted to be a stunt women, there was always this since of looking for a rush, living life in the fast lane I had to fulfill. So I found skydiving in my adult life as away to just let go and be free. I say skydiving has become an addiction because the actual definition of addiction: is an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something; I can’t find a better way to define my love for skydiving. A movie that made me want to get into skydiving was Point Break I was about 13 years old when I was allowed to watch it and it definitely help shape the adrenaline junky I am today. One of my favorite quotes from Point Break is ‘’Fear causes hesitation, and

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