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It is possible to approach history from an objective point of view. It is very important to realize that this happened decades ago in a time where civil rights were a mess, especially for "colored" people. I think Deborah is trying to say that you can't be mad at what history has done, instead you learn from it. Skloot emphasizes that she tried to be objective while writing the book, though it was difficult. In the book's writing, she attempted not to demonize the scientists, yet represent the views and concerns of the family. Skloot states, however, that many readers do see a clear point of view in her book. Skloot did not plan to include herself in the narrative, and is generally skeptical of doing so. However, she found that many of her very personal experiences with the family, particularly with Henrietta's daughter Deborah, truly were essential to the narrative. Skloot realized that she was a character in the narrative as a person who both wanted something from the family and provided them with experiences they needed. In her answer Skloot also addresses the issue of a white writer attempting to tell the story of a black woman and her family. She stresses that she attempted to advocate for the family, and was always conscious of her presence as an outsider. However, Deborah saw her mother's…show more content…
Before publication, Skloot sent copies of the manuscript to Henrietta's family. She found that many of the younger generation were truly shocked and awed by Henrietta's family, and grateful to have the book written. Some members of the younger generation also read the book out loud to their elders, which opened a dialogue in the family. Skloot also mentions that Henrietta's family sometimes shows up at her speaking events, and even signs books, making them seem pretty comfortable with the experience. The family is also involved as consultants in the film to be made from the

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