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BEH 221 Introduction to Behavioral Science August 30, 2007 To: The Advocate Date: August 30, 2007 Memo: Skinner’s Article Skinner was a well-known psychologist which was famous for the development of the operant conditioning theory. Skinner’s belief was based upon the behavior and language that was displayed through the reinforcement process and the responding results of an individual’s behavior from the stimulus or stimuli. Skinner also was famous in the inventing of the Skinner box, which was a box formatted in controlling the measuring of learning of the behavior of animals. Skinner had made many contributions in the field of psychology such as operant conditioning, punishment, reinforcement, and superstitious behavior. Through is pronouncing discovery of operant conditioning Skinner used pigeons. The using of pigeons was the demonstrating the behavior or acts displayed by the pigeons. The demonstration was for the Skinner to turn in a circle to the left, and give the pigeon a type of reward based upon any small movement to the left. Through the use of punishment Skinner had promoted motivation and the use of displaying proper behavior. The promotion of behavior thou may have affects such as dislikes, fear, and revenge brought on by others. However, in using positive reinforcement the product may result in people working harder and able to learn quickly when a reward is given knowing something correct has been done than punishing the individual for doing the wrong things. Through the use of reinforcement which is merely the increasing of a response of stimuli based upon that contingent of that particular response. (For example: a pigeon’s rate may increase based upon the pecks used per day.) Through the superstitious behavior method is for example: bird’s behavior is observed when they behave in a casual relation and

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