Skills Needed for Officiating Essay

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PE Extended Learning Ben Fowler Skills: Communication Confidence Use of whistles Hand signals Decision making Terminology Communication: Communication is important in several ways whilst officiating. One of the reasons communication is important is the ability to be talk to a performer or coach about a decision that you feel is important to explain why you have taken that decision. Another reason that communication can be very important whilst officiating is the fact that you have the ability to speak to assistant referees to be able to discuss and come up with a solution. An example of this is in football, if a player has committed an offence and the referee has not had a clear view but the assistant had the referee would speak to the assistant referee about what punishment thee player should receive. Confidence: It is important that an official is confident throughout the performance that they are officiating due to many reasons. The first reason I have is referees must be confident about a decision they are making for example they cannot give one side an advantage just because the referee felt there might have been an offence, the referee must be confident about the decision they are making. An example of this is in cricket if the is a call for an LBW the umpire must be confident that the ball would hit the wicket before calling “out”. Use of whistles: In some aspects of officiating the use of a whistle will be needed. It is important to know how to use the whistle effectively in the situation that you are in. For example an official in football must know how to make clear signals with his whistle for what ever action he is signalling. An example of using a whistle could be in football if a player has committed a foul the official would blow his whistle to terminate play and deal with the situation. Hand signals: Hand

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