Skills Inventory Worksheet Essay

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Career Kökua • The Hawaiÿi Career Information System Name: ______________________________ SKILLS Worksheet This worksheet will help you use the Career Kökua SKILLS assessment. By identifying the satisfying and enjoyable activities in your work and life, you can begin to understand the skills that are important to you. List three activities that you enjoy doing. Try to choose different types of activities. For example, list one activity at home, one at school, and one at work. You might include: cooking dinner, designing a poster, or selling newspapers. ACTIVITY 1: _______________________________________________________________________ ACTIVITY 2: _______________________________________________________________________ ACTIVITY 3: _______________________________________________________________________ Part I. Part II. Read all of the 72 skills definitions and check (√) the skills that you used in each activity. 1 ACTIVITY 2 3 A. PERSONAL SKILLS 01. Dependability 02. Flexibility 03. Persistence 04. Integrity 05. Efficiency 06. Competitiveness B. SOCIAL SKILLS Working in a reliable and responsible manner. Accepting change and variety in the workplace. Working continuously despite interruption. Avoiding unethical behavior and being honest. Effectively using resources. Striving to be the best. 1 2 3 07. Social Perception 08. Independent Work 09. Team Work 10. Working with the Public 11. Assisting/Caring 12. Performing 13. Instructing C. MOVEMENT SKILLS Being aware of the needs and feelings of others. Working with little or no supervision. Working cooperatively with others. Representing the organization and communicating with persons outside the organization. Providing assistance, care, or service to others. Interacting with others to entertain or sell. Teaching, guiding, or motivating others. 1 2 3 14. Finger Dexterity 15. Manual

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