Skills Assessment Essay

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Skills Assessment Paper and Matrix Jessicia Daniel, Leslie Ojeda, Priscilla Morley, Cynthia Burrus GEN/480 February 24, 2014 Emily Key Skills Assessment Paper and Matrix Team D is researching several consulting firms that the teams skill set would best suit. In doing so, the team will review the member's weaknesses and strengths to evaluate which consulting firm best fits the quality of the team. Each member has selected a different firm; management firm, dental firm, non-profit firm, and organizational firm. However, Team D provides the skills that best fits the organizational firm and has the necessary skills to show customers the firm is successful. Team Skills Each team member brings quality skills together to create a strong skilled team to be successful within a firm. These skills are at a bachelor’s level of skills in communication, leadership, critical thinking, time management, and organizational skills. Nevertheless, Team D has one team member, who adds to the quality of our skill set with dental skills. The strength of this team is based around management and organization skills, which allows the team to be successful in a variety of firms. However, the team shows some weaknesses in listening, saying no, and typing faster. Nonetheless, additional training on communication skills, leadership skills, and time management will allow the team to be proficient in the firm and provide the best services to our customers. Three Firms Each team member presented a different firm that best fits her skills. Management firm, dental firm, non-profit firm, and organizational firm. Although these are different firms, the organizational firm can be suited with any of the other three firms. An organizational firm is designed to meet the needs of organization to build strategy plans that improve the organizations operation by achieving their goals and
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