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Instructions for Using the SkillSoft Library 1. WGU students, who have completed AAV with their mentors, are batch-loaded automatically at the end of every week into the SkillSoft site. You will need to do the following in order to access this library: a. Access the SkillSoft site at b. Enter your WGU (portal) username and original WGU password c. If you cannot remember your original WGU password, you can go to the "Forgot your Password?" portion of the page (near the bottom), enter your WGU portal user ID, and the password will be sent to your email address. ( If you have any trouble, please contact the Learning Resources Department at Keep in mind that batch-loads are done at the end of each week. If you have not met AAV, you may need to wait until the following week to gain access. 2. You will need to create a training plan for the modules noted in your Course of Study when you login the first time. The SkillSoft Library contains hundreds of modules. Creating a training plan allows you to select only the modules you need, eliminating the need to search through the entire library each time you want to access a module. 3. The following steps will take you through the process of creating your training plan of modules to take: a. Go to b. Login using the Username and password you created. [pic] c. Click on My Plan located on left side of screen under Shortcuts [pic] **Using the list of modules provided in your Course of Study, you can build your training plan. (Example Course of Study below)** [pic] d. Enter the module code for the module that you want to add to your training plan in the Search field and click the

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